Children of Masindi

An injection of life and energy for Bristol based Charity, Children of Masindi.

A Clear Identity and Message
1084% Increase in Engagement
212.3% Follower Increase
20% Increase in Donations

Donations 2016 (£): 7884

Donations 2017/18 (£): 9460


Soello approached Children of Masindi, a charity helping children in Uganda who were in desperate need of donations. With no clear identity, online presence and limited funding, we wanted to help promote their cause.


Facebook: /masindichildren

Twitter: @masindichildren


Digital Strategy Digital Management Content Generation


We began by designing a full visual identity which included brand, website design and development, stationery and social media assets. The concept references love, care and passion; the raw emotions that are given back to the Children of Masindi. The brand identity also needed to be current to attract potential donors.

As well as a digital platform to showcase the charity and collect donations, we focused on building an engaged and loyal audience. We used social media channels to share charity progress, with content that had been gathered on visits to Uganda. We continued to build an organic audience as funds were limited. The work has had a great response and followers continue to reflect and engage with the charity. A boost of awareness that has helped raise much needed funds.


"Soello have given us a very professional face to our charity. Your team has produced a very clear message. We are now connected to a much larger audience which has helped us raise money through donations. Thank you, you have made such a difference".

Karen Edwards, Head Trustee


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