Lessons: Brewing up a Storm on Social Media
Posted 22nd of February, 2017

We explore our favourite Craft Beer brands that are coming up trumps on Social Media.


It’s no secret that we’re huge beer fans and in a city like Bristol, it’s hard not to be. With breweries such as New Bristol and top quality watering-holes like The Hillgrove just a stones throw from the office, we’re spoilt for choice. Competition however is fierce and for craft beer brands to stand their ground, social media has proven to be an invaluable tool. Here’s our pick of our favourite beery social accounts and why they’re nailing it.

Wiper and True

Bristol’s local brewery scene is booming and there’s a lot of great things cropping up on social because of it. Wiper and True are one of our favourites. Regularly sharing content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they certainly know how to get the word out; a local business that shows you don’t have to be a multi-national brand with a big budget to engage with your fan-base.

One of the highlights of following Wiper and True is the access to exclusive insider news, the story of the business and products as they develop. Their Instagram in particular focuses on life at the brewery, showcasing upcoming beers, the team hard at work and, perhaps more importantly, their social life (hitting up places like Small Bar and Durty Gurties for example). There’s a lot of personality flowing through their posts and for any follower it’s hard not to feel like you’re part of the venture. Hearing about new beers and collaborations before anyone else, for example, is a benefit for any beer buff wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

Tapping into other businesses is also a big part of their social strategy. Head onto their Facebook page and you’ll discover events spanning across the UK at fantastic boozy venues. They’re not afraid to collaborate with other breweries either and have recently teamed up with Dugges in Sweden to create a double IPA. Not only do these connections mean they can satisfy beer fans with new and exciting opportunities but it also allows them to expand their reach to followers of third-party venues. A wise move when you’re thinking about increasing your brand exposure.

Lessons: Connect locally. Give fans an insight into your world. Post often.


Sourcing the best beers from across the globe and getting them to your door is Beer52’s goal. And with great beer comes great content, a responsibility that Beer52 don’t shy away from.

Each month, the beers in their boxes come from breweries in a different location. For example, last month saw them snapping up beers from Belgium. This certainly works in their favour, giving them an ever changing variety of content - different breweries, types of beer and techniques all come together to freshen up their posts each month.

Facebook and Youtube become essential platforms for sharing this content, the strongest of which comes in video form. Discussions, interviews and brewery tours with some of the best brands around make their social pages the place to be if you want to learn about beers and discover your next favourite drink. They go a long way to show that they know what they’re talking about and are right at the heart of the global beer scene. Ferment, their monthly printed magazine, further reinforces this notion with interviews from brewers, tasting notes and more. 

The result is simple. By becoming key influencers and trend-setters, their audience are able to feel like a part of the craft beer community and really buy into it. There’s no explicit sales approach here and very few ‘buy it now’ calls to action. They know that by creating a community of knowledgable beer lovers who are genuinely excited about discovering new drinks from around the world, this will convert to sales. That's all there is to it.

Lessons: Offer your community more than a sales pitch. Experiment with different forms of content. Explore your passions to become a key influencer.

Oh Beautiful Beer

Whilst they’ve published a book and have their own web store selling merchandise, Oh Beautiful Beer is purely a visual celebration of remarkable graphic design from the world of beer.

Head on to Pinterest and you'll find an absolutely stunning feast for the eyes that’s developed from a true labour of love. From cans to bottles, glassware to growlers, they’ve collected the sheer delights that come from the marriage of good design and on-trend craft beer. It might seem a little niche but this formula has created extremely shareable content that's allowing the Oh Beautiful Beer 'brand' to spread far and wide.

Whilst we see how positively a human personality can benefit a brand like Wiper and True or Beer52, but Oh Beautiful Beer is well aware that it doesn't need need to deliver this. That's left to the likes of Beer with a View (another great community of beer lovers that merge excellent design with stunning scenery). They know that their followers have come for one thing and one thing only: beautiful beer design from the very latest brewery projects and upcoming releases.

Lessons: Find one thing and do it well. Share unique content. Understand your audiences aesthetic needs.

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