Lessons: 7 Proven Strategies, told by Power Users
Posted 28th of June, 2017

A collaboration with Sprout Social and YENA to showcase 7 proven Social Media strategies.


Join us on 28th September as we collaborate with Sprout Social and YENA to bring you a webinar that that will showcase 7 proven social media strategies. Here’s an insight into what you can expect in this best practices webinar.

Social media is more than just blasting promotions or sharing funny memes. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses have been leveraging social platforms since their inception to find, communicate with, and engage customers at scale. And we'd like to share 7 tips and tricks that social media power users have found make sense in meeting their business growth goals.

Join Eleanor (Founder & Creative Director of Soello), Ash Phillips (Founder of YENA) and Vera Flores (Brand Advocacy & Communications Specialist at Sprout Social) to discuss actionable and proven strategies for leveraging social to meet your growth goals. Whether you are a one-person shop or a 1000-person enterprise, finding, communicating with, and engaging your customers shouldn't stop at the social media edge ... you need to dive in

From business development to customer service and brand building, they’ll focus on a variety of ways that you can ensure your business stand out in a competitive space and that you’re generating content that audiences love to engage with, share and are encouraged to become loyal customers, clients or users.

They will also explore the benefits to using Sprout Social, a social media management tool that gives you incredible control over your campaigns, customer interaction and community insights and much more. Together, Eleanor and Darryl will discuss the best ways of utilising this tool to locate and listen to target audiences, manage enquiries, soft sell products and assign tasks to team members.

This webinar will be held on 28th September and free to all. Sign up here!

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